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As a baseball player or the parent of one, you're probably asking yourself, "how does a player like me (my son), who works hard every day and goes to showcases and events, how do I get people to notice?"

When I walked on to my college team I was unknown and I had no idea about the college recruiting experience. Through hard work I was able to go from walk-on to pro player. That question still boggled my mind 10 years later, and that led to the creation of the largest baseball exposure brand on social media, Prospect Dugout.

These 3 things were the first we implemented on our way towards building our audience. It's 3 things that college teams and professional players use to get their name out there and get exposure.

After watching this video you'll be able to start getting more exposure through your phone than what you get at the events you attend throughout the year, saving you THOUSANDS of dollars a year!!

Who Am I?
A former college walk-on baseball player turned pro baseball player. After retiring I coached high school baseball for 10 years. During that time I created a youth baseball non-profit that worked with hundreds of kids in games, practices, tournaments, and events.

My name is Joel Hartman, and I'm the co-founder of Prospect Dugout. Over the course of that time I realized that the same things I suffered with 10 years prior still existed. With all the college showcases and events available, I was still seeing kids that were struggling with gaining exposure and capturing the attention of coaches and scouts.

Unless you're a top prospect throwing 90+ mph or a hitter with big-time power, it's going to take some time and effort to get noticed. Attending multple showcase events can be costly, so there had to be a better way.

That's when Prospect Dugout was born: a platform for digital exposure for baseball players trying to get recruited for college. Prospect Dugout reaches over 1 million people each week through our content.
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